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Weekend Bargains!

Weekend Bargains!

Hope you are all having a great Sunday, the weather has been pretty nice today, i had a bbq and its safe to say i am stuffed! This week, i found a few bargains which i thought i would share with you all! 

A few weeks back, a Hollister outlet store opened near me and i believe it to be the only one currently in the UK which is pretty exciting! I have been to the store twice now and found a few things for extremely cheap! The store is in Freeport Designer Outlet in Braintree, Essex. With it being some what close to me, means i can pick up Hollister bits without paying alot for them. I find hollister to be expensive depending on the items you buy!

Both items are neon orange, this was my accident and were each purchased on different trips to the shop! First up is a flowy type top which looks like it has been tie-dyed. I actually got my little sister the same one aswell and she loves it! This top was originally £15 and i got it for £6.90 so i saved quite alot! I think when its hot it will look good with high waisted shorts. I have a vision for this top!

Weekend Bargains!

Next, i got a cropped hoodie. I am in love with this one. I have had a hoodie from Hollister before and believe i paid £50 something for it which is a little expensive but it has lasted really well and i have had it for nearly four years! Its really soft which i love. It was originally £40 and i paid £11.90! A complete steal in my eyes! As i am going away for a few days at the end of the month, hopefully the weather will be better so i can wear this!

Weekend Bargains!

I found this blush palette on eBay, and its safe to say i am in love with it! The colours are surprisingly pigmented. It has a great range of colours to suit any skin type and has every colour you could really need! The palette itself did take a while to get here as it was from Hong Kong but it came extremely well packaged and i didn't have any problems with it! It was £3.50 and is from this seller.

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