Aug Favourites 2013! | Beauty & TV Shows

As the summer comes to a close, i am beginning to get really excited for all things Autumn! Over the summer, i have really been enjoying the same products through out the season i thought i would share them with you all! On a side note, my tesco already has Christmas products in.. ITS ONLY THE 5TH OF SEPTEMBER! I never understand why they always have christmas products in before Halloween stuff. 

First up is the beauty items...

Aug Favourites 2013! | Beauty & TV Shows

Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish has been a favourite for a while now but i stopped using it at the beginning of the summer and i really noticed the difference when i wasn't using it, my skin was awful and since using this it has almost completely cleared up! The instant boost skin tonic has been great throughout the summer for those hot days when i needed a pick me up, i took this on holiday and i used it every day!

Maybellines the rocket mascara, i picked up the waterproof version this time because nobody wants their mascara melting off. And this has been amazing, my eyelashes have never looked so good. I reviewed the normal version a little while ago so if you want to check that out you can do so here

Maybellines Baby Lips, i must admit, i actually hated these when i first got them but they really have grown on me. They really go make my lips softer and everyone and their mother loves these and no doubt i will end up purchasing the rest of them!

Gainer BB Cream, i love this stuff its like a miracle worker, i have alot of redness on my face which i hate and since using this you couldn't ever tell that i did. Also since using this i have not been using any concealer other than under my eyes. Since using this i don't think i could ever go back to using normal foundation. 

Dainty Doll eye shadow base, i picked this up from poundland of all places and it really does the job. I have never been one for eye shadow because it always just faded off and i never actually noticed it but since using this it really does keep my eye shadow on all day!

Katy Perry's Meow perfume. I am the biggest Katy Perry fan in the world, i just love her and whenever she has a perfume out i always get my hands on it. This perfume was released last year and i have the biggest size ever of these perfume and i have had it on every day this summer, it is beautiful!

NYC's nail polish in Manhattan. I have really been into the darker nail colours as the summer comes to a close and this has been my favourite. Its a lovely dark purple and just really compliments the nails!

Over the summer i have been watching so many TV programmes and have found some new loves so i thought i would share them because they have become some of my new favourites!

Aug Favourites 2013! | Beauty & TV Shows

Hart of Dixie is the best feel good, country programme ever. The characters are something else, the story lines in it are wonderful to watch. I loved Rachel Bilson in the OC and she is brilliant in this, i cannot wait for season three to start at the end of October. 

As i SATC fan when i found about The Carrie Diaries i was pretty excited, i love the way things link in with SATC. I love how its set in the like 70's and the music used in the show is brilliant! Season two starts in October. 

Now where do i start with my love for Pretty Little Liars, this programme is by far the best programme ever. I will not give anything away because its just wow. If your up to date with the US Airings, please let me know your thoughts on 'A', personally i don't think its that person at all! I cannot wait for the Halloween episode! 



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