Autumn eBay Wishlist

Happy Monday!

As Autumn has arrived here in England in full force, let me just be real honest here, all i want is candles, candles and more candles! Surely im not the only one?! Ive been searching through eBay for some deals and i found quite a few things, including some candles bits, that i am seriously considering purchasing soon so i thought i would share these items as they might have some interest to some of you!

Autumn eBay Wishlist
1.Burgundy iPhone Case (£2.14); i love this colour for this time of year and i can never have enough iPhone cases!
I love S'mores Hand gel (£1.99); i have ordered from this seller before and this scent has really got my attention, this seller is also the cheapest on UK ebay for bath and body works hand gels!
3.Yankee Candle Illuma Lid (£6.95); I love the idea of these and i am in love with some of the christmas ones! These lids fit on both medium and large jar candles from Yankee.
4.Sealed With A Kris Mini Nail Polish (£3.95); i looooooooooove this colour and im a little obsessed with the Kardashians as it is so i can't help myself! 
5.Yankee Candle Tart Burner (£8.24); I have had my eye on a tart burner for a few months now and with all the new autumn scents coming out from Yankee i am for sure going to have to purchase one of these!
6.Yankee Candle Candy Corn Tart (£1.25); I just love the sound of this for Halloween. 
7.Yankee Candle Spiced Orange Tart (£1.25); I think this will be a perfect tart for my burner for this season!
8.Aspen Autumn Day Hand gel (£1.99); i am a little obsessed with these handgels and the scents available!

Whats on your wishlist for this Autumn?!



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