Lush Halloween Releases 2013!

Whenever Halloween or Christmas comes around i love almost all of the products that lush releases for these holidays and this Halloween is no exception! I love all three of the Halloween releases this year and i will for sure be picking them up! Even before i saw this releases for Halloween i was super excited for the day, these bath products just made me that little bit more excited! Two out of three products from this release are vegan, the only one that isn't is the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb. 

Lush Halloween Releases 2013!

Left - Right: , Soot Ball Bath Bomb £2.50, Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb £3.30, Pumkin Bubble Bar £2.75

Lord of Misrule will be available until Spring 2014. This bath bomb will dissolve in your bath to reveal a wine centre and will release scents of black pepper and patchouli oil. 

Soot Ball Bath Bomb will turn your bath into a beautiful golden colour despite its black soot colour. The scents of this bath bomb contains Olibanum, which is known for being calming, a burnt caramel (YUM!)  and also sandalwood, i need this one in my life!

The Pumkin Bubble Bar is a recreate of one that was released for Mother's Day. When crumbled under the running water into your bath, it will release a vivid orange colour to your water. The scent of this bubble bar contains Ylang-Ylang and orange flower.

I cannot wait to purchase all three of these when they release on the 23rd of September! What will you be purchasing from this Halloween release?!

When these products release they will be able in lush stores and online



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