September Empties!

Happy Friday!

As the month comes to a close, i always get a little excited to see how many products ive used up that month and i think this month i did pretty well! In my house for whatever reason, we have enough shampoo to last at least five years so ive made it my goal to use up as much shampoo as i can! This month i didnt use up that much make up which makes me a little sad but i can't justify buying any more because ive only used up two items!

September Empties!

Firstly i used up two bottles of shampoo, a Timotei one and a TRESemme. I preferred the Timotei, i feel like it cleaned my hair better than the TRESemme. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the TRESemme brand, i swear by their heat protect but i find alot of the other products don't work well with my hair and just weigh it down. I will be repurchasing the Timotei shampoo in the future!

I also used up two conditioners, the John Freda Full Repair and a mini Percy and Reed one. The pery and Reed one is by far one of the best conditioners ive ever used, i noticed a massive difference in my hair from the first use. This conditioner has a lovely scent and i could actually smell it all day which i love with conditioners! I feel like the John Freda one didn't do much for my hair, my hair is quite damaged from years of using heat and not having hair cuts (im scared of the hair dressers, every time i have been i have ended up hating my hair and crying for days). I will purchase the Percy and Reed one in full size!

Next i used up a garnier eye make up remover, although this product is super oily, it is my favourite from the ones i have tried, it does not irritate my eyes (sadly the simple one does and it really hurts my eyes for a few hours). This eye make up remover really does the job well! I will be repurchasing this!

I have been trying for months to use up the Soap & Glory body scrub and i finally finished it! I really love this product, it smells amazing like all the products from this brand and it makes my skin super soft after i use it. I will be repurchasing this!

I used up another of my favourite mascara, maybelline the rocket. This mascara does an amazing job on my eyelashes, i will always repurchase this mascara. It makes my lashes super long and i cannot fault it! 

MAC Hello Kitty Beauty Powder, i have had this product for years and years and i never used it and i made myself use it up this month! The colour pay off wasn't great which meant i was able to use it as an all over face powder! 

Next up i used up a bottle of Liz Earle's Instant Skin Boost Tonic. I love this stuff, i really notice a difference when i use this. I have had a bit of trouble with my skin in the last few months and i went back to using only Liz Earle for my skincare and it cleared it right up! I will 100% repurchase this!

And finally, i used up a Schwartzkopf hair detangler. I really long hair and it gets super tangly and this stuff really sorted it out when it was wet! I will repurchase this! 

What products have you used up this month?!



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