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Yet Another Primark Haul!

Sorry the post is late today! I had a busy day and this is the only moment i have had time to sit down and write it! Yesterday i popped into primark and was slightly disappoint. I didn't really find much that i liked and what i did really like they didn't have in my sale *cries*. But i thought i would still share the items that i purchased!

Yet Another Primark Haul!
I used noticed almost everything i picked up was black, i dont even like black clothing that much! First i got a few basics, black cotton tights £2 and a black vest top for £2.

I love the £4 shoes that Primark has at the moment, i already have the baby pinkish colour and i had to get black this time as black goes with everything! They are actually quite comfortable and hopefully will last a while.

Yet Another Primark Haul!

I also picked up another £5 dress but the picture i took didn't focus and i have already worn it and it looks all messy but you can see the pattern in the top picture! The only problem i have with these dresses is the lenght, ive got up a size and its shorter than my actual size which doesn't make sense.Almost all dresses are too short on me which kind of sucks!

I picked up another Raglan top. At £4 i cannot fault them. I love how the arms of the top are sheer makes them look a little difference then the standard raglan tops!

Yet Another Primark Haul!

Finally i picked up my favourite thing from this primark trip which was a white beanie style hat for £2. I completely love it and i cannot wait to start wearing it when it gets colder!

Yet Another Primark Haul!

Thats it for my primark haul today! I think this must have been the smallest one i have done in a while and it came under £20!



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