Lush Haul!

Hi everyone!

Christmas is my favourite time of year for many different reasons, one of the reasons being Christmas beauty products and Lush's has to be my favourite! Everything just smells amazing and the bubble bars and bombs are the cutest things ever. All but one product that i picked up in this post is from the Christmas collection! I will have to go back before Christmas rolls around because i know these products won't last long!

Lush Haul!

First up i picked up a medium size bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel, this stuff is my favourite thing from lush, it smells like candy heaven and does last on the skin. You really don't need a lot of this to notice the smell which i love, this bottle will last me about two months! I think this scent is my favourite from Lush! I purchase this every year when it gets released and i will for sure pick a few more bottles up before they disappear for another year! 

Next i picked up the Candy Mountain bubble bar. (See, i told you snow fairy was my favourite scent), this again, smells like the yummiest candy sweetness ever. This will last me a few baths as i will split it up! I have been purchasing this for years, bubble bars are my favourite bath products from lush because i love the bubbles that they give off! 

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

The last Christmas product i picked up was The Christmas Penguin. He is just the cutest thing ever and i don't know how im going to crumble this up to have a bath, i want to keep him forever! Apparently the scent is the same as the olive branch shower gel, i haven't actually tried that product so i can't say whether i agree with that or not but what i can say is that it does smell amazing, i didn't think i would like this scent but i am going to try the shower gel out after smell this baby!

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

The final product i picked up was the Butterball bath bomb. This smells amazing, it is described as vanilla and cocoa butter which is right up my street with vanilla being one of my favourite scents in the world! I got this bath bomb because i heard it is meant to be really moisturising and i get dry skin at this time of year and i thought this would be worth a try!

Butterball Bath Bomb

Thats it for my Lush haul this time, i will have another one in the coming months! If you would like reviews of any of these products let me know which ones in the comments! 

What is your favourite product from the Lush Christmas collection?



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