My MAC Holiday Picks | 2013

I must admit, the past few years i haven't really liked the mac holiday collections but this year has changed things for me. I love the packaging and their is actually a few things i would want from it if i was to purchase anything. MAC prices have gone up quite a bit in the past few years which is mainly what puts me of purchasing anything, £15 for a lipstick?! NO! I do think some of the sets they have released for Christmas this year are worth the money with that being said.

Lets get onto my picks!

My MAC Holiday Picks | 2013

1. Stroke of Midnight Lip & Cheek Bag in Coral £50; Although this set is one of the most expensive from the MAC holiday collections, these are one of my favourites. I love that you get to try different types of products as well as getting a brush to use. MAC brushes one of my favourite brush brands, i just hate the price tag. I really like the little bag that it comes in and i think this would be the perfect present for the MAC lover.
2. Nocturnals Lip Gloss Set in Coral £25.50; Mini lip glosses are perfect for me, i never use up a whole full size lip gloss so this is perfect to try out the different colours but not have to worry about wasting so much product. This set includes a range of colours from a nude/pink to a red. 
3. Stroke of Midnight Eyes Palette in Cool £32; The packaging on this, has to my favourite in years, it looks so classic. The colours in this palette all look matte which i like because im not a massive fan of glitter eye shadows unless its a party or Christmas. Within the palette is a little double ended brush, perfect for on the go make up application!
4. Stroke of Midnight Brush Set in Essentials £42; These sets are my favourite from anything MAC releases for their holiday collections, i find these to be the best value for money and their brushes are good so i always try and take advantage of these sets when they are available. This set includes 168SE, 217SE, 212SE, 239SC and the 193SE all included in a beautiful bag. 
5. Nocturnals Pigments & Glitter in Black & Gold £25.50; Ive always wanted to try MAC's pigments and being a girl who is scared of colour eye shadow this is the perfect set for me!

What would you choose from the MAC holiday collections this year?



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