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For my birthday, most of my friends and family gave me money because i had no idea what to ask for and asking for things always makes me feel a little awkward. So on my birthday i went shopping and this is part one of my birthday shopping hauls. I picked up a few beauty items which i am so excited to finally have! Some of these products i picked up just before my birthday because i was too inpatient to wait to go to the shops and get them so i ordered them online! Lets get into the haul...

So just before my birthday i had a bit of a Bourjois buying spree. I have been shopping for Rosina for our beauty box swap and she asked for the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer and i hadn't had that in years so i decided to buy myself one as well! I also picked up a Cream Eyeshadow, no idea what the shade is though because it does't say and the shade. I also picked up the Blush Exclusif which is basically a blush that when you apply creates a unique shade i saw someone mention this in a Youtube video and new i had to give it a try!


I then headed on over to Superdrug to pick up a few essentials from the MUA stand. And after months of trying to get hands on the Brow Kit... I finally got it!!! They only had 3 in the stand so i quickly took one and popped in my basket! I also picked up a black gel eye liner and a liquid eye liner, i like to have these just in case i run out and i don't have time to go and pick up a new one!


One of the first things that caught my eye in Boots was the Invisibobbles, i had seen these on a few blogs and they look interesting so i thought i would give them a go, I picked up the black ones as i have black hair I next picked up the Miss Manga mascara, it was on a buy one get a second half price offer so i couldn't not put it in my basket, i have been trying this out for the last few days and so far so good! I also got another Rimmel Stay Matte powder, i must have gone through about 10 of these now, its perfect for setting my foundation! I also picked up the Soap & Glory hand gel, it smells lovely and does the job! I then popped into poundland and saw that they had a few Sinful Color nail polishes and this one looked perfect and its in the shade Ciao Bella

The final part of this haul is lip products, im not really a lipstick fan because i don't like how they feel on my lips but crayons and stains are my best friends! I went for everyday shades to make sure i liked the products before going out and buying the bright shades. I picked up a Revlon Matte Balm in 205 Elusive, Revlon Lacquer Balm in 105 Demure. I also picked up one of the Loreal stain water things, i have no idea what the actual name is because it doesn't say it on the packaging but its in the shade 101 Lolita (i think). 

new release lip products

Thats it for my haul! Would you like to see a review on anything?

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