What I Got For My 20th Birthday!

I had a lovely birthday yesterday and i would like to say thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday on twitter yesterday, it made my day reading all of your tweets! I thought i would share what i got for my birthday with you all today because it was mainly beauty bits, my mum did super good this year, i say mum because i know she gets all of the bits and my dad is just as surprised as i am when i open them! My mum actually got me a couple of things that i had only mentioned on here so i was so shocked when i opened them, i didn't realise how much she actually reads my blog!

Birthday Haul

Heres what i got for my 20th birthday...

Make Up Storage
2x White Storage from Argos

Beauty Haul
Lots of beauty bits.. Anything you would like a review on?

Butter London Haul
Nail bits, cant believe my mum got my butter london polishes and got the shades i was eyeing without me even mentioning them!

Beauty Haul
Cant wait to try out the garnier micellar water!

Pandora Bunny Charm
Pandora Bunny Charm

Tresor Paris Watch
Tresor Paris Watch

Tresor Paris Bracelet
Tresor Paris Bracelet

I love the iron man mug!!!

Acrylic Make Up Storage
Acrylic and gloss storage, 2 on the left from eBay and the back right is ebay and the front right is from H&M

Ugg Welly Boots
UGG Welly Boots

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