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So on my birthday i went and did some shopping and Primark is one of my favourite shops, ever. One of the main reasons i wanted to go to Primark was actually to check out their beauty range, i have hear quite good things about it and wanted to pick some stuff up to review! Im quite gutted the Primark i went to didn't have the eyeshadow palettes which was one of the products i really wanted to try, im going to a different primark next week so hopefully i can find it then! I picked up a mixture of clothing, accessories and beauty bits so i thought i would share them with you all today!

Feb/March Primark Haul
The first thing i picked up was a pair of darkish blue skinny jeans which were £10, i didn't really think they needed a photo because everyone knows what they look like! Primark jeans are actually my favourite, i normally get the £7 ones but went for the more expensive ones in hope they will last a few more washes!

I then picked up three tops, all which are 3/4 length sleeves, i tend to go a size up so they fit better. The first one i picked up was a white and grey Raglan Tee which was £4, i love these style tops i have a few different colours and patterns and thought i would get a plain basic one, i really wanted the one with the baby pink sleeves but they didn't have it :(.  The next top i picked up is in a pale blue colour with lace detail across the top of the top and goes onto the top of the back, i have tops similar to this one from last year and they are lovely. This top was £4. The final top i picked up was actually in the sale for £3 so i couldn't just leave it in the store and it was only £3, it actually has little pink speckles on it but it doesn't show up in the pictures.

Primark Haul

Whenever im in Primark i always pick up some hairbands for £1, hair grips which are also £1 and some socks, i mainly picked these socks up for the colours and they were £2.50.

Primark Haul

Finally i picked up some bits from Primarks new beauty range PS. Love, i wanted to pick up more but they didn't have everything i wanted to try so i shall hopefully get those next time! I picked up a pack of cotton pads for £1 which are actually really nice! Another staple that i always pick up in Primark is their face wipes, i don't actually use face wipes but i just like to have them in case and they are £1 for a pack of two. I also picked up a two pack of tweezers for £1, these actually seem pretty good so im glad i got those! 

Now onto the actual beauty items! I picked up the brow pencil in dark, not sure ill actually use this on my eyebrows but it looks great as a brown eye liner which is why i picked it up and for a £1 you can't really go wrong! I then picked up two eye liners, one which is a felt pen type for £1.50 which is actually amazing, i will review this soon so keep an eye out for that! The other eye liner i picked up was a liquid one for £1.50, i haven't tried that one yet so i can't really say much about that!

Thats it for my primark haul for now! Have you tried anything from the Ps. Love beauty range yet?!

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