Fake Nails Haul

So I have another haul for you today. I may or may not have purchased way to many fake nails to include in yesterdays haul so here we are. I have been loving these nails at the moment because I suck at nail art and whenever I paint my nails they just chip within a couple of hours because I have such horrible nails! All of these were under £2 which is a complete steal! I defiantly have enough nails for the year now! Here is what I picked up...

Feel Unique had a deal on the other day for 100 items for £1 so I searched and searched for things and found these beautiful nails from Nails inc. They retail for about £30 so for £1 I couldn't say no to them! I think I am going to wear them tonight when I go and see Katy Perry!

While I was in New Look I saw these ones from Elegant Touch in the sale for £2 and I thought I would give them a try! They are neon pink with little glittery silver stars - super cute! These are supposed to have UV gel technology which I think just means they are super glossy so we shall see and I will report back!

And finally we have the Primark fashion nails for £1. I cannot resisit picking up these whenever I am in the shop and this time I went a little mental, I got too excited about all the designs! I think my favourites are the fruit ones and the navy blue with the floral design!

Primark Fake Nail Designs

Have you tried any of these nails before?

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