Benefit Lollitint + Lollibalm

If you saw my Benefit haul the other week, you will know I had a cheeky little splurge on some products that I have wanted to get my hands on since they were released. I have tried a couple of the Benefit Tints and really liked them so I got the plunge and picked up Lollitint which is a candy orchid shade. I then realised I had enough Boots points to get the Lollibalm Lip Hyrdator for free which had been featured in many of my wishlist posts so I headed back to Boots to pick it up and I am so glad I got them both! 

Benefit Lollitint
Lollitint can be used on the cheeks and lips and is a stain like all of the other tints from Benefit. This one is actually the other of the year so it is bang on trend (not that I follow tends). I could describe the colour as a candy pink/purple which is one of my favourite colours for lip products and my cheeks so this is perfect as I can use it for both. As this is a stain, it lasts all day on the cheeks and lips. It defiantly lasts longer on the cheeks as when you have it on your lips your going to be eating and drinking throughout the day but it defiantly lasts a good 5-7 hours without needing a touch up. Lollitint is going to be perfect for hot summer days and festivals as it is going to last all day and your not going to need to worry out your lip gloss or lipstick ending up all over your face during the heat.

Lollibalm Lip Hydrator is very moisturising and gives off the perfect amount of colour to add a flush of colour to your lips. Lollibalm has mango in so it does have a tiny amount of scent but nothing that you can smell once it has been applied to the lips. The balm does last quite a few hours on the lips without needing to reapply. When I read some reviews of the Lip Hydrators, a lot of people mentioned that they aren't very pigmented and there isn't a need to have more than one shade but I totally disagree. This is quite pigmented for it being a lip balm and you can defiantly see the colour when applied to the lips. 

Benefit Lollitint
Top is Lollitint, Bottom is Lollibalm.

The two products together work amazing on the lips. With the stain being applied first your going to have the colour last all day on your lips and the balm will add some shine, moisture and extra colour to your lips. These two products are going to be in my make up bag all summer and I know I will defiantly be using these a lot! 

Benefit Lollitint
Both products on the lips. 

I would defiantly recommend these if you haven't already tried them. Lollitint retails for £24.50 and Lollibalm retails for £14.50. 

Have you tried these? What did you think?

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