REVIEW: Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring

Finding good hair bands that don't give you a headache or leave you with that horrible kink are hard to find. I have defiantly tried a fair few different types and brands of hair bands on the search for finding the best ones. I think I have found them. The Invisibobbles my new obsession when it comes to pulling my hair back on those hot days and not to mention, they come in some beautiful colours. These hair bands retail for £3.75 from Boots and websites such as Feel Unique.



These hair bands are made of plastic and made up of little rings into a circle. It did take some getting used to these bands as I ended up with such messy pony tails the first few times I used them but I think I have it down to a fine art now. These bands are perfect if you are one of those girls who has their hair tied up all day and end up with a headache from standard hair bands. These bands, no matter how tight you have it, will not give you a headache! With it being quite hot at the moment, I hate having my hair down for work but hate that kink that hair bands leave. I can tie my hair up with these all day and take it out in the evening and there isn't any kink or sign that you have had your hair up. I have longish hair so sleeping with it down is impossible otherwise I end up with it all tangled around my neck and all over my face. With these I can tie my hair up before I go to sleep and still don't have a kink the next morning so I am good to go without having to use heat or wash my hair - perfect! 

(Please excuse the state of my hair colour, I am in the process of trying to grow it out/strip it, I am very aware of how disgusting it looks)

I like the way they look in my hair, I defiantly get some questions whenever I have one in my hair which always makes me laugh. These bands create a lovely pony tail and makes it stand off your neck which is great for those hot summer days. These bands are amazing for a quick bun as well and really hold it in place. 

You can get these Invisibobbles in a range of colours (mine are from the pastel collection) from clear and hair coloured to neon and pastels. These retail for £3.75 for three (link here if you want to check them out). 

Have you tried these bands? What did you think of them?

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