Lasers to Remove Acne Scarring?!

Did that title get your attention? I hope it did because its actually true! At Sk:n Clinics they offer acne scar treatments with three main treatments. The three main treatments are Skin and Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and Laser Treatments. I had heard of skin and chemical peels before as well as Microdermabrasion but not very much about laser treatments, until now! Having acne will knock anyone's confidence know matter what their age, which is why Sk:n offers acne scarring treatments for teenagers and adults. Sk:n have clinics in 40 locations nationwide so it is likely there is going to be a clinic near you!

Sk:n Clinics Acne Treatments
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Skin and chemical peels are used force the skin to shed the surface skin in a pain free way. Chemical peels are safe to use and are a highly effective way to remove that unwanted layer of skin. These type of treatment is not only used to treat acne scars but also for hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and line and sun damage.  Skin peel treatments at the Sk:n clinics have received an average score of 92% out of 100 based on 175 reviews, they must be doing something right! 

Microdermabrasion treatments work by using tiny crystals that are hard enough that they will disrupt unwanted skin cells but are small enough that they will cause no damage, discount or pain.  This treatment is a progressive treatment, from the first treatment alone your skin will feel softer and you may notice some subtle improvements. After a course of this treatment, you would notice visible improvements. Mircodermabrasion treatments start at £50 for a single session. This treatment has scored an average 90% out of 100 based on 106 reviews - wow! 

Laser Treatments, such as Isolaz, is a safe and pain free treatment to treat skin affected my acne. Laser treatments can remove surface skin cells but also purify the skin. This treatment is specifically targeted so it would not cause any damage to ordinary, healthy skin cells. Laser treatments can be combined with other treatments, such as skin peels. When combined with skin peels it cleans the skin and tones to improve complexion and leads to longer lasting results. 

At Sk:n Clinics they offer consultations before undergoing any treatments to decide which treatment is going to be best for you. Which treatment you need will depend on the extent of scarring, your desired result and your skin type. All consultations are offered with a trained and experienced expert to help you make your decision.  In some cases combining multiple treatments may have the best effect. Acne scarring treatments overall have scored an average 89% out of 100 based on 102 reviews, now that is a good statistic! 

Sk:n is so confident in their acne scarring treatments and pride themselves on their treatments and the results that they have selected 10 individuals to take park in the Clear Skin Challenge to find their best skin. The 10 individuals handed themselves over to the acne team at Sk:n Clinics to recieve a complete treatment programme worth up to £1300, you can even follow their process on the Facebook page! 

Would you undergo one of these treatments? Which one do you think is right for you?

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