REVIEW | Old Wives Tail Clove & Jojoba Oil Treatment

My hair has been in a really bad state lately, I have tried so many different products to get it some what back to normal but nothing worked. So when I was contacted to try the Old Wives Tail Clove & Jojoba Oil Treatment * I thought it was a perfect opportunity! This treatment is a hydrating, natural, balancing treatment for dull, thinning or brittle/broken hair. Sounds perfect doesn't it?! 

Old Wives Tail Clove & Jojoba Oil Treatment
When I saw the size of the tub, I was shocked at how small it was and thought I would only get a use or two out of it but you only need the smallest amount so this treatment will last quite a while! Another thing I noticed when I opened it is the scent, it is extremely strong which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I am not a massive fan of the scent but I think it is growing on me after every application.

To apply this treatment you need wet hair and at least an hour free. I like to do this when I am having a YouTube catch up in the bath! I used a £2 size amount for all of my scalp and found it to be the perfect amount. After I left this on my hair for an hour I rinsed it out, shampooed and I was good to go! I then styled my hair as normal, I found that the scent really does linger for a good 2-3 washes after application which I kind of like! 

I have never been so impressed with a hair treatment before! My hair is so much more shiny, soft and just felt like it was brand new (if that makes sense). I have quite weak hair from years of dying and using quite a lot of heat but it instantly felt stronger! 

I would definetly recommend this if you have weak hair that is very dull looking! If you want to try this for yourself, you can do so here. This hair treatment retails for £13.99 and the company currently offers free world wide delivery! Old Wives Tail have many different hair treatments on offer if you need something different for your hair. Old Wives Tail also donate 10% of their profits to charity! 

Have you tried this? What did you think of it?

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