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I had been wanting to try Colour B4 for a few months so when I saw on Twitter that they were looking for people to take part in the #CB4SummerSelfie challenge, I knew I had to get involved! This is a hair transformation challenge. What Colour B4 does is strips the dyed hair colour from your hair to reveal a lighter, sometimes your natural shade. The one I was sent is the Extra Strength version which is for dark tones and build-up which is exactly what I needed.

I have dyed my hair really dark brown for about four years and towards to the end dyeing it, the ends just looked black so I ended up just dyeing it black. I had stopped dyeing my hair and tried to fade the colour naturally which worked to an extent but I have been left with my natural lighter shade on the top and black on the ends. I used Head and Shoulders for a month or so and it did get rid of some of the colour which got rid of the harsh line towards the roots. 

What's In The Box?

In the box there is three main items, A is the Extra Activator, B is the Extra Remover and C is the After Treatment Buffer. Also in the box we have a set of instructions and a set of gloves. Having read many different reviews everyone has said that you must follow the instructions to the T as it is extremely important to get it to work correctly. 

How To Apply

Before you apply, you should cover any nearby surfaces that could stain and yourself. Never mix products in or with metal to apply Colour B4 and always wear gloves during the application. Colour B4 should to applied to dry hair unless you want a very subtle tone removed. Mix Part B and Part A together and shake for 30 seconds then begin to apply to your hair. Once you have applied it to all of your hair, leave it on for 60 minutes (30 minutes for the normal Colour B4) then rinse your hair with warm water for 5-10 minutes. The longer and thicker your hair the more time you need to rinse it. Now we apply Part C, lather it up and leave on your hair for one minute to absorb then rinse your hair again for at least five minutes. Finally apply the buffer (part c) for a second time and then lather and rinse as you could with shampoo. Once all traces of the buffer is removed you can go ahead a finish your hair and dry. 

The Results

I have never been so impressed! Although it looks like I am going to be a ginger (which I don't have a problem with) for a while until I redye it. It has completely lifted the black from my hair, the ends look a lot darker in the picture than they actually are. My natural colour isn't what you see if the after pictures but because I have dyed it dark for years, the shades I had been using had red undertones which have stained my actual hair. The process is quite lengthy and you definitely need to keep the instructions to hand.  I thought it was going to dry my hair out but it was exactly the same as it was before I had used this. As you can see from the pictures my hair is quite long and I do have a lot of it so I did need two boxes. I was sent three so I might use the last box on my ends to see if I can lighten it any more. The only negative I have to note is the smell! My god does it stink! Have a towel and some perfume to hand because its horrible - think eggs! 

Have you tried Colour B4? What did you think of it?

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*PR Sample, Three boxes of Colour B4 was sent to take about in the #CB4SummerSelfie Challenge. Pictures haven't been edited in any way. 


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