Schwarzkopf Oil-Licious Range

I am always on the hunt for the perfect combination of hair products. Having quite long hair which had been dyed for years as well as using a bit too much heat means it is extremely dry. I have found that nothing compares to the Schwarzkopf Oil-Licious Range. Currently there is a hair oil and a dry oil mist. I have used the oil for over a year but have never spoken about it until now. These two products work amazingly well together and I urge you know to go and give these a try if you can!

Schwarzkopf Oil-Licious Range
The oil itself is a styling oil which can be used on a daily basis. You can use this pre-washing, pre-styling or on dry hair. I find this best to use when my hair is damp before styling. It does have argan oil in which I think everyone and their mum loves and claims to create smooth, glossy hair styles as well as instantly absorbing and taming the fizz. All of which I agree with. My hair looks a thousand times better whenever I use this and is super soft! I have tried using different oils over the past year but I always come back to this, nothing compares to it!

The Dry Oil Mist is a new purchase for me. I have been using it over the past month or so and I am really liking it so far. It claims to do the same things as the oil but also helps your hair be tangle free. I was a bit scared that this would make my hair look a greasy but it is completely the opposite. It claims to be weightless which is 100% true, I spray this about 30cm away from my hair in short bursts and my hair gets instant shine, espically towards the ends where my hair is normally quite dull. This has a really nice scent which lingers for a good few hours. This product is the perfect pick me up for those dull, horrible looking hair days!  

When I use these products together I have amazing results, nothing like beautiful shiny hair! I highly recommend these products! If you want to try either of these products you can pick them up from Tesco or Superdrug (along with many other retailers). These are often on offer in tesco for 2 for £5 which is normally when I pick them both up. These products normally retail for £4.07 each - a bargain if you ask me! 

Have you tried these? What did you think?

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