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Beauty products in the UK can be pretty expensive even on the high street - what I would give to go make up shopping in the states! It can be hard to find products that are inexpensive but still great quality. One of my favourite make up brands happens to actually be one of the cheapest brands that I buy from yet the quality is the same as you could find in department stores which is Makeup Revolution. This whole post could be just about my top 5 products under £5 from Makeup Revolution but I thought I would share some of my handbag essentials which all happen to be very inexpensive.

The Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette just so happens to be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - there is no way I can justify £37 on one product and what's amazing about this palette it not only are the eye shadows still amazing quality - it's only £4, yes you heard me correctly! I get so much use out of this palette as it has all the pink toned shadows I could ever need, from highlights to crease colours to those dark shades this palette has got you covered! This palette has a range of mattes and metallic shades and the eye looks you can make are endless. What I love with this palette is that I can create the perfect everyday eye but then be able to switch it up with the darker shades and create the most beautiful yet dramatic eye! 

Barry M has quite recently released the Cor Balmys which are like the Maybelline Baby Lips, but a thousand times better. I picked up the shade Currant Bun which is great for this time of year as it is on the darker side. This balm not only hydrates the lips it also gives such a lovely colour pay off. I find darker shades very hard to wear on my lips because I am so pale skinned yet this balm works perfectly. This shade I have is a beautiful plum shade but because of the white coloured balm running down the middle of the product it is on the slightly shearer side which I love. This balm is so easy to apply and sits so comfortably on the lips. If this dark shade doesn't appeal to you there is a range of lighter shades, there is bound to be a shade that you will fall in love with! These balms retail for £3.49 each. 

Setting powders are one of those products that I didn't realise how make such a difference until I tried the Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder. This powder has a light coverage and feels the skin feeling flawless, even with it being a light coverage I have just worn this in place of foundation and my face still looks like I spent a lot of time on it. My foundation lasts ten times longer when I use this powder, it doesn't cake or make my foundation feel horrible like some other setting powders do. When I use this with my foundation I find I don't even need to touch up during the day as my foundation is still in place! I'm quite sad that I have just ran out of this, I need to go to Boots asap! This lovely powder retails for £3.99 and comes in three shades.

Sudocrem Skincare Cream is a skincare product has become a life saver. I suffer from pretty painful breakouts from time to time (big lumps) and nothing helps them go quicker and get rid of the marks that they leave behind like this cream. I done a whole review on this so if you want to read about it in more detail you can click here. This cream is not only great for breakouts, it is also making for dry skin and the best part? Its only £1.99!

And last but not least we have the W7 Honeycomb Blush. I believe this is a dupe for the Benefit Sugarbomb boxed powder but I love the W7 just as much as any of the Benefit powders and I much prefer the price tag at £3.01 rather than £22 for a Benefit one! This blush is made up of four different colours which when you swirl your blush in create the most beautiful cheek colour. I find this blush brightens up my face which is great for those days when you feel a bit crap and need a make up pick me up!

What are you top products under £5?

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