Bomb Cosmetics Candy Cane Candle

While at Center Parcs a few weeks ago, I stumbled across lots of Bomb Cosmetics products. Having never really tried them I knew I wanted to give something a try as I have seen quite a few different reviews and heard some really great things. I gave the Candy Cane Candle a sniff on the first day we arrived and on the last day, after me going on about how amazing it smelled, my dad picked it up for me - how lovely!
Bomb Cosmetics Candy Cane Candle
Bomb Cosmetics Candy Cane Candle
This is one of the yummiest candles I have ever smelt, with notes of vanilla and caramel it smells good enough to eat! I smell a little bit of a fruity hint which I really like as it balances out with the vanilla and caramel. If you like sweet scents you'll love this, I am a massive fan of all things foodie and sweet smelling so this candle for me was like a perfect match.

The packaging is so cute, candy canes on the lid and jar, it makes it look very festive sitting on my shelf. On the back of the jar is a small description about the scent, the website address and Bomb Cosmetics' post code. On the inside of the lid a little warning note and directions of use. I have never seen a candle with a description on the inside of the lid but I think it is so much better to have it on the inside rather than all over the outside of the beautiful packaging. The candle itself is pretty big and is about the size of the palm of my hand, having compared it in size to my Zoella candle it looks massive. If you follow the directions as stated you should be able to get 45-50 hours of burn time out of the scent which is amazing as it retails for £7.99.

Having burned this candle a couple of times now I would definitely say it works better in smaller rooms. Even though I burned this in my bedroom and you could smell it, it was very light and I found the only way I could actually smell it was to leave the room for a little while and then when I came back I could smell it again. This would be the perfect candle for a hallway or while your having a bath because it would really fill the room. The scent kick off is very true to what you smell in its solid form which I am happy with. I just wish it was a little bit stronger to fill up larger spaces.

This candle retails for £7.99 and I believe it is only around for the festive season. This candle is also vegan so anyone can have it making it a perfect gift for this Christmas.

Have you tried this candle? What did you think?

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