REVIEW: Binky London Gel Effect Nail Polish

As a long time watcher of Made in Chelsea, when I heard Binky had a beauty range coming out I knew I wanted to try a product or two but I have only just got round to it! I was picking up some bits from my local Co-op and spotted a little stand of her products at just £2 each so I thought I would pick up a nail polish as I haven't purchased one in a while. If I am honest, I am a little disappointed with it but I do still want to try some of the other products and shades to see how they compare. I have the Gel Effect Nail Polish in the Burgundy shade.
Binky London Gel Effect Nail Polish
Binky London Gel Effect Nail Polish Swatch
The packaging is very simple but very much like the models own nail polishes. The bottle is pretty much identical to the Models Own ones just with 'Binky London' on the front with a small union jack flag. On the bottom of the polish is states the shade and on the back it just says to apply a base coat for best effects. The colour is perfect for this time of year and very vampy. It is a very dark redy/purple which is one of my favourite shades to wear on my nails in the winter months.

Application was average, the first coat went on fine but even with it being completely dry before I applied a second coat it just didn't apply right. It wasn't very smooth and even after a second coat it was still streaky. Three coats later and the colour pay off was what I expect - full coverage. I wish it could have done that with just two coats as I don't have the patience to sit for hours just to do my nails. The brush is one of my favourites, very short but wide so it makes it fit perfectly on the nail.  

Even with my best base coat being applied before hand, it chipped like hell so quickly. The morning after I painted my nails I noticed a chip around lunch time and by the next day five nails had massively chipped. I sort of expected it would chip easily as it was only £2 but I expected it to at least last a day or two before it started to chip! In times of the gel effect claims, it is one of the glossiest/shiniest nail polishes I have tried. And the glossy effect is still going strong on the nails that haven't chipped.

Not sure I would recommend this nail polish because of how quickly it chipped however it was very glossy so if you do happen to see it in your local co-op maybe give them a look. The shade would have been perfect for me at this time of year and if I hadn't chipped so quickly I don't think I would have ever taken it off my nails - gutted. I will give this a couple more tries and see if I can get it to chip less and if I do, I will update!

Have you tried any of the Binky London range? What did you think?

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