Christmas Nail Inspiration 2014

Every Christmas season I try and create some festive nail art and most of the time I fail. I am so jealous of all of you who can do such stunning nail art and make it look so easy! I did one of these posts last year and it was pretty popular so I knew I had to do one again this year! None of these designs are my own, I found them all on pinterest, so I am not taking credit for them but I really wish they were my own designs because they are incredible!
Obviously none of these are my creations but how stunning are they! I give credit where its due and my goodness these are amazing! The link to all of the designs is here, with lots of other designs too and how to find the original pinners! The Grinch design by far has to be my favourite, the attention to detail is perfection, it is literally art on the nails! I will have to try and attempted some of the easier designs!

Will you be doing any Christmas nail art this year? What design are you going for?

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