Rose Gold Hair Brushes

Having ridiculously long, thick hair I need a good hair brush to get out all of the knots and for years I have used the Tangle Teezer but when I heard about these Rose Gold Dessata Hairbrush* I knew I had to give it a try. Lets just start off with how gorgeous they are, I think everyone loves a bit of rose gold so why not have a rose gold hair brush! These are very similar to Tangle Teezers but if I am honest.. they are so much better!
Rose Gold Hair Brushes
Rose Gold Hair Brushes
The packaging the brushes come in is perfection. The box feels much amazing quality and I am actually going to reuse it to store some make up bits as it is to beautiful to bin. On the front of the box you have the brand name, Dessata and a lovely silver design which goes onto the sides of the box also. Once you open up the box it reveals the two hair brushes, one full size and one handbag size. This gift set would be the perfect Christmas present, I know so many ladies that would love to unwrap this and because it comes in such a lovely box it makes it even easier to wrap! The hair brushes themselves are of course rose gold and the photo's really doesn't do them justice as they are stunning. They are very metallic which kind of doubles as an emergency mirror if you are out and about and don't have a mirror to hand. 

The bigger one fits perfectly in my hand which makes brushing my hair even easier. Because I do use heat and dye it I have to be a little bit careful with it because it isn't in the greatest condition. However these brushes are so soft on my hair but still do an amazing job at getting out all of the knots. It works great on both wet and dry hair. The first time I used it on wet hair I noticed a massive difference in my hair once I had blow dried it and I put it down to this brush. My hair was so much softer than usual and looked so much better! 

But the smaller one is my favourite. I love how cute and tiny it is yet it still does the same amazing things as the full size! This little one comes with a little case that goes over the gel bristles which is perfect for the handbag. With having such long hair and a lot of it, it just greats everywhere, I am surprised I have any hair left if I am honest, it prevents hair getting all over everything in your handbag and also protects the brush from the other items in your handbag. Even though this one is a lot smaller than the bigger version it still manages to do the same great things as the big one but it just looks cuter! 

I cannot recommend these hair brushes enough, specially if you have long hair that is hard to brush sometimes. If you don't like rose gold there is lots of other colours and colour combinations available so you are sure to find one that you like! This set retails for £19.99 from Hairaisers. If you would like to get this gift set, whether it be for yourself or as a gift this Christmas you can use the code HANNAH20 (make sure to use capitals) and you will get 20% off! The code is valid until the 5th of January 2015. Hairaisers also sell hair extensions and wigs so if you have short hair but always lust over long hair it might be worth having a look! 

Have you tried these brushes? What did you think?

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