NV Colour Black Cat Eyeliner

Finding a good black eyeliner seems to be my goal in life! I want to try every one in existence to find the  perfect eyeliner pen for every day. NV Colour is a brand I have always wanted try and i have finally got my hands on the Black Cat Eyeliner Pen*. I use eyeliner everyday so finding one that does a good job in a hurry can be a bit of a struggle.
NV Colour Black Cat Eyeliner
NV Colour Black Cat Eyeliner
NV Colour Black Cat Eyeliner
NV Colour Black Cat Eyeliner Swatch
The outer packaging is lovely, all back with a purple cut out detail to show a peek of the product inside.  The outer packaging clearly displays the name of the product and the shade colour which is great if you have a few of these in your collection as you will be able to easily find what shade you are looking for. The packaging of the eye liner itself is very simple, all black with the name of the brand and product written down the centre. There is also a little circle sticker on the eye liner saying the shade name. 

The tip of the eye liner is a felt tip, not to hard definitely has some flexibility to it to make applying it a little easier. It applies every dark from the inner corner to almost the edge of the eye, for the flick and outer part I did have to go over it again to get the same intensity as the rest of my eye. I found it easy to create the flick because of the slight flexibility the tip has. It lasted amazingly, it really didn't budge all day and was still looking as if I had just applied it 12+ hours later which is so impressive! I found it really easy to remove too, with some eyeliners I have tried they can be so difficult to remove but this one melted away with my cleanser. 

I really like this eye liner and I definitely want to try some of the other shades! This eye liner retails for £6 and you can find out more information and if you want to purchase it here

Have you tried this eyeliner? What did you think?


*PR Sample


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