Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights

Makeup Revolution this past month have had some of the most exciting releases ever and I fell in love with these Radiant Lights*. These are illuminating baked powders which can be used either all over the skin or as highlighters. There is three shades available, Exhale, Breathe and Glow so there will be one to suit your skin tone. These are some of the most beautiful powders I have ever seen and I am so glad to have them in my life now.
Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights
Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights
Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights
Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights Swatched
Left with Flash, Right without. Shades from bottom to top are Exhale, Breathe and Glow.

The packaging is lovely, the outer boxes that they come in are beautifully metallic with the product and brand name on the front. What I really love about the outer packaging is that is have the shade name on the front, I like to keep my new products in the boxes for a while and this makes it so much easier to find the shade that I am looking for. The packaging of the products themselves is lovely, with the black all over and rose gold for the writing. Inside each of the baked powders is a mirror such makes them perfect for travelling for popping in your handbag. The powders themselves have a lovely embossed ring effect to them which I have fallen in love with. 

With there being three shades available there is bound to be one that will suit your skin time. Exhale is the lightest out of the three and doesn't have any colour to it but it is my favourite so far out of the three. I love to use this as a cheekbone highlight and it looks great and has become a daily essential. I would say to go in with a light hand with this one or it will look a little bit glittery. The second shade of Radiant Lights is Breathe, this one has a light colour to it and is just as beautiful as Exhale. Breathe can be used all over the skin to add a glow but I have used this as a highlight and really liked the effects it gave. I have very pale skinned and this still worked well. The final shade is Glow which is the darkest out of the three and if I am honest it did scare me slightly but having used it a couple of times I had no need to be scared of it. This is perfect for adding a little tan to the skin as well as a beautiful glow, definitely go in with a very light hand and a fan brush if you are pale skinned. I have used this on my eyes and have loved it! I think Glow would work amazingly on deeper skin tones and would be a great highlight shade. 

I cannot recommend this beauties enough, definitely pop one of these into your next Makeup Revolution order, you need to try at least one! Out of the three my favourite is currently Exhale but Breathe is getting used more often now and I am really enjoying it. These powders retail for £5 each.

Have you tried these radiant lights yet? What did you think?


*PR Sample 


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