REVIEW: Lush Melting Snowman

I am slowly coming to the end of my Lush festive stash and its making me so sad! I am hoping I can stock up in the sales this year! The Melting Snowman has been out for a couple of years I believe but I have only just tried it for the first time. He is one of the cutest bath melts I have ever laid my eyes on.
Lush Melting Snowman
Isn't he the cutest? He is complete with a little carrot nose, although his sadly got damaged in transit, and has dairy free chocolate buttons for eyes and on this little melting body. This little melting snowman is enriched with cocoa butter to soften the skin. The scent isn't one I normally go for as I love sweet scents, ahem snow fairy. The scent is spice based and it made me feel very festive and cosy once I popped it in the bath.

As soon as I popped him into the bath he started to slowly melt away. I was a little bit gutted that he went straight to the bottom of the bath meaning I wasn't able to watch him melt away unless I held it in my hand. I loved how his eyes melted, I stuck my finger on it it smudged all over his face and he looked so cute. It took quite a while to melt away, a good ten minutes or so which I really liked. Once it disappeared it left behind a lovely softness to the water and white thin layer over the top which meant you couldn't see through the water.

Once I hoped in the bath, my skin started to feel nourished. After watching half an episode of Made in Chelsea I noticed that I was able to rub in residue into the skin to get added hydration. The water was soft and cloudy for the whole bath which lasted for over an hour. Once I got out of the bath I noticed there was residue on the skin which I wouldn't recommend using this melt in the mornings because of this however, if you do use it at night and rub in the residue my skin left even better the next morning. I have noticed a big improvement in the softness of my skin since using this which makes me want to go and pick up a few more before they disappear for the next year because I am one of those people that never remembers to moisturise so if I can do it in the bath without having to actually do anything its perfect. 

I would definitely recommend this bath melt if you are looking for something to increase the softness in your skin. The Melting Snowman is only around for the festive season so you have to be quick! He retails for £2.25. 

Have you tried this bath melt? What did you think?

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