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Beauty Haul (Sales, USA Goodies and More)

I feel like I haven't done a beauty haul in forever and I have definitely made up for it this week! I am so in love with all of these purchases and don't regret buying any of these, normally I regret at least one! I also went my cousin, poor guy, on a little mission while he was in the States for Christmas to get me a couple of things I really wanted to try and he did so well - very impressed!
American Beauty Haul
American Beauty Haul
Boots Beauty Haul
Boots Beauty Haul
Lets start with the american goodies, the cousin did good! I sent him to america with a little shopping list equipped with pictures to help and it was a massive success! The main thing I really wanted to get my hands on was something from Tarte, Tarte is a brand I always wanted to try and I can't believe I finally have my hands on something! I picked the Away Oui Go Set, which has a mixture of blushes, eye shadows, lip glosses and the mascara! I will do a post on this set soon and I have already tried the mascara and I love it already! The second thing I wanted to get was a couple of the EOS Lip Balms, I have been using these lip balms all year pretty much but I run out a month or so ago and really missed it. I got the Sweet Mint flavour and the Vanilla Mint one which is a new flavour. Finally for my bits from America, I knew it had to be a Covergirl Mascara, I have tried pretty much all of the Lash Blast line and this one is the Lash Blast Bloom which I haven't been able to track down at all so I cannot wait to try this one out. 

Boots happened. I went in knowing exactly what I wanted to pick up but as always I came out with more! From the sales section I picked up two lip balms baubles, one from Soap and Glory and another from Balmi. I love lip balms and can never have enough, I also want to do a comparison between EOS and Balmi so it was perfect to pick one up in the sale. These were £2.50 each. Soap and Glory is one of my favourite make up brands so I knew I wanted to pick up a couple more products, I went for the Kick Ass Concealer Crayon in Light for my under eye area and so far so good, this product is £6. I had always wanted to try the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick's but I didn't know what shade to get but I decided on Bashful and it is perfect for me and I can't believe it was only £7! There was an offer on which if you spent £12 on Soap and Glory Cosmetics you got the Supercat Black Eyeliner Pen for free which was great because I was going to purchase it anyway. The final thing I picked up while in boots was the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, I had wanted to try this for ages but just never got found to picking it up! 

On Christmas Day I begun browsing the sales for a little purchase and found the best bargain, on Look Fantastic I managed to pick up the NARS Oasis Lip Gloss for just over £7! Just a bargain and I love it already, it is basically my lips but better and I know I am going to get so much wear out of this! 

What have you picked up in the sales?



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