REVIEW: Yankee Candle Pink Grapefruit Tart

When I saw that Yankee Candle and released a Pink Grapefruit scent, I knew instantly I had to have it! I am obsessed with the scent and the Robinsons juice is my all time favourite. This scent was released along side Red Raspberry (which I reviewed here) as part of the Love is in the Air collection for Valentine's Day, I think it might be limited edition so if you want it you might have to be quick!
Yankee Candle Pink Grapefruit Tart
The scent is incredible, it is pure pink grapefruit and it is pretty intense. The scent doesn't smell artificial in the slightest and is very realistic which is why I love Yankee Candle because they always get it right! I love the fact that the colour of the tart matches the colour of my Robinsons juice, its such a pretty shade of pink and it looks really cute when I am burning it. Each wax tart provides you with an average of eight hours of beautiful fragrance. 

This scent has incredible scent kick off. It was so strong that I actually had to turn my electric burner off after about 45 minutes before it was so intense. The scent really filled the room and lingered out into other rooms of the house and really stuck around even after I had switched off my burner. I could much more than my eight hours out of this tart which I am so impressed with and I am going to have to stock up on this scent just in case it is limited edition! Even the last hours of burning this tart were as intense as the first which is amazing. 

I would really recommend you pick up this tart if you are planning on making a Yankee Candle order. Especially if you love fruity scents as much as I do! This tart is £1.49 which I think is a complete steal considering I got more than my eight hours of burn time. If tarts aren't your thing, you can get this scent in a range of jar sizes as well as tealights. 

Have you tried Pink Grapefruit? What did you think of it?



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