REVIEW: LUSH Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb

For the past couple of years I have only shopped at Lush during Christmas because I find that is when the best products are out. But when I saw this years Easter collection I knew I needed this bath bomb and even my Mum ended up picking one up because it is just too damn cute! This is the Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb, how cute is that name!! 
Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb
This little bunny shaped bath bomb is honestly one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I have a rabbit called Bluebell so I am obsessed with anything bunny rabbit which is the main reason why I knew I needed this in my life. It is a pretty good size and worked amazingly in a very full bath. I knew this was going to be a fun bath bomb because it has some blue and pink in so I couldn't wait to pop it in the bath!

The scent is incredible! It is a herbal scent so not everyone is going to be a fan but I really like it and so does my Mum. I can definitely smell notes of lime and lavender which would be from the lime oil and lavender absolute. The scent really filled my bath room which I loved. I would describe the scent as being very calming but at the same time slightly uplifting is that makes any since (go and give it a sniff next time your in Lush). 

Once I popped it in the bath the magic started. It fizzed away very quickly to turn the water to a light pink which I loved although I would have liked it to be a bit brighter. Little blue chunks of the bath bomb fell to the bottom and I wasn't too sure on what they were as I hadn't read any reviews before I purchased it. They turned out to be popping candy which made the bath so fun! My mum used hers before I knew it has popping candy in and she thought the bath was falling in which was quite hilarious! I loved the popping candy effect and I think kids would find it really fun at bath time! The scent lingered in the bath room long after I has let all of the water out as ell as really lingering on the skin. 

I would totally recommend this bath bomb for this Easter and I know I will be heading back to Lush to pick up a few more as they are limited edition! This bath bomb retails for £2.50 which I think is a complete bargain! 

Have you tried Hoppity Poppity? What did you think?



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