REVIEW: Yankee Candle Mango Peach Salsa Tart

With the sun being out, I wanted some fruity summer scents for my room so I decided to use the Yankee Candle Mango Peach Salsa Tart. Fruit family scents are pretty much my favourite scent type all year round apart from Christmas when I go for more foodie scents. Mango Peach Salsa is a fruity lovers dream especially if you love mangoes like I do. 
Yankee Candle Mango Peach Salsa Tart

Mango Peach Salsa is described as smelling like sweet and zesty with mango and peaches with hints of citrus, pink pepper and also ginger flowers. This tart smells gorgeous, when I sniff it I get all of that delicious mango and peachness as well as a slight hint of the citrus too. This is a very strong tart which I was happy about, there is nothing worse than getting a weak tart when it comes to candles. 

As soon as I popped this little tart into my warmer it begun to kick off the gorgeous fragrance. The scent kick off with this one was incredible, I only needed have my warmer on for around 20 minutes to fill my room with the fragrance. I found that if I left my warmer on for any longer than an hour each time, the scent would be too strong for my space but I actually prefer to have it on in shorter blasts. Even after I switched off my burner the scent lingered for over an hour which I was really impressed with as with some tarts the scent tops as soon as the warmer goes off. Each wax tart aims to provide eight hours of fragrance and I definitely got that with this tart if not a little bit more and each burn was as powerful as the first. 

Mango Peach Salsa Tart retails for £1.49 and it available in any other candle jar sizes and forms. 



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