Makeup Revolution Pro Go Mini Brush Set

Makeup Revolution really do know what they are doing when it comes to their new releases! I have always been on the look out for a mini brush set for my handbag and I have tried the Real Techniques ones but if I am honest theses ones are one million times better and are cheaper! Thank you Makeup Revolution for creating this gorgeous little Pro Go Set*. 
Makeup Revolution Pro Go Mini Brush Set

This little set of four brushes comes complete in a little clear pouch which is actually perfect to keep the brushes in while in my handbag. The little pouch is pretty durable and was a slot to tuck the top in if you do decide to keep it in your handbag like I am it will keep them from getting damaged and from transferring makeup the the inside of your handbag. Each of the brushes are honestly some of the softest brushes I have ever had, I have some MAC brushes in my collection and these are softer than those! All four of the brushes is designed with finest dual fibre synthetic hair too. The little mini brushes have black handles with Revolution written on one side in rose gold and the name of the brush on the other side with rose hold tops to the brushes. These brushes might be the prettiest make up brushes I own!

The Mini Face Brush is a multipurpose brush for the face. You can use it for touching up with powder or applying a little blush. You could also use it to blend out your foundation if you have any mishaps. The Mini Foundation Brush is perfect for touching up or reapplying concealer. Its great for touching up the under eye area too as it fits perfectly into the inner corner. You can use this brush for reapplying foundation too if you notice you have missed any spots or it has worn off. The Mini Eyeshadow Brush can obviously be used for reapply eyeshadow but is also great for applying a brow highlight or getting precise with your concealer, I love using it to apply concealer around my nose as I get quite a bit of redness there. The final brush is the Mini Angled Brush. This brush is great for touching up your brows or reapplying eye liner. I love it to apply a pop of colour to my lower lash line. This little set has become a handbag essential, such great quality brushes at an amazing price. 

The Makeup Revolution Pro To Mini Brush Set retails for £4.95. 


*PR Sample


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