American Sweets Haul + Stockists

Having been to the States when I was younger, I got a little bit obsessed with all of the sweet treats they have out there. Getting hold of them from the UK can be difficult if you don't know where to look but with many retailers seeing how much us Brits want the American goods they have started to slowly stock some of the favourites! All of the bits mentioned in this haul are from B&M Home Stores but I know that not everyone has one near them so I thought it would be helpful to list some of my favourite retailers, many of which are online based if you do want to get your hands on these yumminess! 
American Sweets Haul + Stockists
The first thing I picked up was Lucky Charms. This cereal is possibly the best cereal on the planet! I actually picked up 5 of these little one servings at just 99p each! The only way to describe this cereal is that it is basically cherrios with marshmellows in. Delicious! Mike and Ike's are one of my favourite sweets so when I saw this massive box for under £2 I popped it into my basket! The mango and strawberry banana flavours are my favourites. M&Ms just seem to be so much better in the States with so many different options, I thought the Pretzel ones seemed interesting and at 70p I thought I would give them a try. It is the perfect combination of sweet and salty and I will have to go back and get a few more bags of these soon! The final thing I picked up from B&M Home Stores was the Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough Bites. These are basically brownie balls coated with chocolate. I actually ate the whole box in one sitting because they were that good! I believe these were around the £1.30 mark. 

Even though I did only pick up four different things, B&M did have so many other things to try! From Fluff to pretty much anything with peanut butter in they had it all! I want to go back and get some Twizzlers because they are so yummy! I was pretty surprised at the pricing too as it wasn't too high, normally with imported stuff you can pay a small fortune! 

In terms of stockists, larger ASDA and Tesco stores do stock a small selection, my mum picked up a big box of Lucky Charms from a bigger tesco for about £5 which is a lot for cereal but when you consider importation charges it isn't too bad. If you are after Jolly Ranchers you best bet is eBay with this seller. I have purchased multiple bags from them and they are actually the lowest price I have found them (I have paid around £7 for a bag before!). Two websites/shops I have shopped at for years is Cyber Candy and American Sweets. Cyber Candy has so many different international sweets and have quite a few stores around the UK. 



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