L'Oreal Micellar Gel Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover

When I saw this in the aisles of Boots I was instantly interested. I am a massive fan of micellar waters but I had never seen a micellar gel! As it is aimed towards sensitive eyes I thought it would be perfect for me because my eyes can be a slightly reactive occasionally. The Loreal Micellar Gel Sensitive Eye Make Up Remover (worlds longest name) claims to be gentle, soothing and refreshing on the eyes while it is hypo-allergenic and having no fragrance. It is also suitable for contact lense wearers! 
L'Oreal Micellar Gel Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover Review

While I really didn't get on with the Loreal micellar water, this really did interest me as I haven't heard of any micellar gels. I wear pretty heavy eye makeup and sometimes my micellar waters and cleansers can't remove all of my mascara so I had pretty high hopes for this gel. 

I really liked the texture, while it is a gel it isn't too thick or heavy for the eyes and felt very soothing and refreshing, as it claimed, while applying. To apply it I put a small amount onto a cotton pad, I did need quite a few to remove my eye makeup. What I was worried about with his micellar gel was that it might sting my eyes as that happened with the Loreal Micellar Water. But I had no issues with it stinging my eyes - hooray! Each time I apply it it, it has a slight cooling effect which is great for the end of those warm days we have had recently. It does have a slight fragrance but its nothing that you can smell once you start applying it. I found that it left my eye area feeling slightly hydrated which I loved because my skin can be quite dry at times so I love anything that can inject a bit of moisture back into my skin. 

When it comes to removing my eye makeup, it didn't do such a good job. If you wear minimal eye make up then this would be perfect for you but for me it just didn't work how I wanted it too.  It did a decent job at removing any brow products, eyeshadows and liner that was left at the end of the day but it just didn't do much with my mascara. I wear pretty thick amounts and I was just left with residue around my eyes, very panda like, and still quite a bit of product left on the lashes. When I have worn just a coat of mascara it did a good job at removing it but its just not for me as on a daily basis I like to have intense lashes. 

The L'Oreal Micellar Gel Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover retails for £3.99. At Superdrug it is currently on buy one get one free if you are interested. 



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