Face D Instant Effect Depuffing Eye Mask

I have always struggled with my under eye area and haven't ever thought to give eye masks a try. I have heard a lot about these types of eye masks and have seen similar ones on the cast of Pretty Little Liars on snapchat and with them always looking incredible, I am hoping my eye area will look half as good!
Face D Instant Effect Depuffing Eye Mask
Face D Instant Effect Depuffing Eye Mask
These are the Face D Instant Effect Depuffing Eye Masks*. They claim to have an immediate reduction of bags, up to 11.8% in just one application and with a months continued use a reduction in bags up to 25.5%. That sounds amazing doesn't it?! These hydrogel masks are rich in ginko biloba, aloe and green tea extract with decongesting and also moisturising properties. They also contain nutritive and hydrating elements which will instantly reduce signs of tiredness. It is recommended to use these two times a week for a month for a rested and luminous look. What I love about these is that they are free from parabens, colorants, allergens and minerals and they are suitable for all skin types. 

I love these. I apply them obviously to my under eye area and leave on for around 20 minutes as recommended. As soon as I apply them, they give such cooling effect to my under eye area which lasts for the whole time I had them on which I really liked because it made it feel like they were actually doing something. Once removed I did notice an instant difference, my underage area left so soft, hydrated and smooth. Although my eyes aren't the puffiest, I did notice a reduction in my bags. My mum has been having some issues with her eye area and they were left very puffy, mainly from hay fever. So I had her test them out and the results were incredible! I have never seen her under eyes look so great and de-puffied so I would lightly recommend these if you are struggling with your under eye bags. 

In a box you get 8 applications (two in each foil packet). As they are individually wrapped it makes them amazing for travelling and they won't dry out as you only need to open one when you want to apply it. These retail for £7.99 a box, a bargain at around 99p an application, but are currently on offer for £5.32 at Lloyds Pharmacy


*PR Sample


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