St Moriz Gradual Self Tanning Lotion

Now that the sun is out, my extremely pale skin seems to reflect from the sun and blind people so it is time to have my tan on! When it comes to self tanning the one brand I head straight to is St Moriz, I trust this brand with my life and I know I am not going to end up with any tanning fails! I have been testing this Gradual Self Tanning Lotion* for the past couple of weeks and I think I have fallen in love with the stuff!

I must admit, I am pretty lazy when it comes to body care and I always forget to take care of my skin so having a product that will tan and moisturise my skin at the same time is one I need to get behind! The St Moriz Gradual Self Tanning Lotion is ideal for everyone, either you are a beginner or have been using tanning products for years. Using a gradual tan gives you total control over what shade you want to achieve which is amazing for someone like me so is pretty pale and doesn't want to look like Ross from friends (you know what episode I am talking about) overnight. 
To apply this I would recommend you use a tanning mitt so that you don't end up with darker palms, which is not a good look! I apply a decent amount to my mitt then apply it in circular motions to any areas that I actually show. This stuff smells incredible, I am rubbish at describing scents but I would say this is on the citrus side and it does linger lightly on the skin which I love. Once applied it is recommended that you avoid any contact with water, applying any other products to the skin or sweating during the 4-6 hours it takes to develop. 

After applying this for a couple of days I started to notice I had a gorgeous light glow which was very natural looking. I wasn't left with any streaks or patchiness either. If you are pale like I am it does take a couple of days for the colour to build up to were it is noticeable. Not only did I get achieve a gorgeous sun kissed colour, my skin was so soft and hydrated, I find myself wanting to use this daily so I keep the softness to my skin! This would be perfect to top up your colour between tans or to prolong your colour after a holiday while keeping the skin hydrated.

The St Moriz Gradual Self Tanning Lotion retails for £4.99.


*PR Sample


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