Face D Instant Hydrating Anti-Aging Sheet Masks

Having heard everyone talk about sheet masks for what feels like the longest time, I have finally tried one! The Face D Instant Hydrating Anti-Aging Sheet Masks* made me pretty excited when they popped through the letterbox as my skin tends to be on the drier side sometimes and I am all for products that will inject a bit more hydration into my skin. 
Face D Instant Hydrating Anti-Aging Sheet Masks

These sheet masks free from perfume, parabens, colorants and alcohol so they will be kind to your skin. They claim to add 16% more hydration within 15 minutes and over time will reduce wrinkles, although I don't have any yet its always good to start preventing them early! In each box you get five individually wrapped sheet masks, making them perfect for travel and won't dry out. 

Its very simple to apply the sheet mask, you just have to make sure that your nose, eyes and mouth holes match up. These sheet masks are a pretty thick cotton which did make them a little bit difficult to stay on, I always had to make sure I could lie down for 20 minutes or so to make sure that it started on. I did also find they didn't fit my face too well but once I stretched out the mouth and nose hole I found they fit much better. 

Once applied I sat back and relaxed for 15-20 minutes and let them work their magic. After that time my skin was left feeling so much softer and hydrated while giving my skin a slight radiance to it. Since using this masks once a week I have noticed my skin does stay hydrated during each application too. The only downside I found to these masks is that each time I used them my skin got slightly warm and left my skin red for 2-3 minutes after each application but I can put that aside for how hydrated they leave my skin. 

These Face D Instant Hydrating Anti-Aging Sheet Masks retail for £14.99 but are currently on offer for £9.99 at Lloyds Pharmary


*PR Sample


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