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Jewel Candle Review

My love of candles has never been so strong. I was so excited to get burning this candle to see what beautiful ring was hidden within. Jewel Candle's are not only a wonderful candle that will fill your room with your selected fragrance. But they also have jewellery in them! Depending on what candle you pick, you will get either, earrings, a ring or a necklace - how exciting is that! Jewel Candle also has created a bath line with jewellery in, consisting of, bath bombs, soaps and cupcakes!
Jewel Candle Review
Jewel Candle Review
Jewel Candle Review
I spent forever browsing through the website deciding what scent I wanted to pick and I decided the Cookies & Cream Candle with a Ring* inside. This candle is huge! It has 120 hours of burn time which is incredible burn time. I believe you have to burn the candle for around 10-15 hours before you can remove your ring safely. The scent of this candle is incredible. Cookies and Cream is one of my favourite foods so what is better than having a candle that smells like it! It is honestly cookies and cream, with a hint of vanilla which would be the cream. I also pick up a little note of orange which my mum also picked up on too which I love. 

I didn't think this candle was going to have as good scent kick off as it does but it is incredible! I have been burning this candle downstairs in my living room and it fills the whole house with beautiful fragrance. We have has a couple of people round who asked if we had actually been baking but no it was this candle! I have burned this candle for over 30 hours now and each burn is still as strong as the first. 

After around 15 hours of burn time I was so excited to get out my ring and see what one I got! To remove it I blew out the candle and used a pair of tweezers as the wax is still hot. The ring came in a little silver pouch which is heat proof so the wax won't effect the ring. The little silver packet is displayed on the back of the candle with the ring, I had already got my ring out before taking the photos as I was too inpatient to wait! The ring is stunning, I was so excited when I saw it and it is a perfect fit - how lucky! I have actually wanted a ring just like this for years and I had never found one until now. It is sterling silver with the most gorgeous little stones. All rings in these candles are valued between £10 - £250 which I think is amazing and I think I might take it to my jewellers and see how much its worth!

I think these would make amazing gifts for someone who you don't know what to get them, I know I am going to order a couple as gifts soon! This candle retails for £34.95 but is currently on offer for £24.95 which I don't think is too bad for a candle with 120 hours of burn and a ring! 


*PR Sample


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