Dior Lips // Lip Maximizer and Lip Glow

I have really been into high end beauty lately and Dior has been my go to brand for any lip products I had been lusting after. I had two products on my wish list since around Christmas time and I finally have them in my life. They are the Dior Lip Maximiser and the Dior Lip Glow. These two products have barely left my lips since I got them and I know I am going to repurchase them over and over again!
The packaging on both lip products is so dreamy. Each of the lip products comes in the prettiest silver box, I will be completely honest I do still keep them both in the box! Both products have the same top with the CD engraved into the top of the packaging with Dior embossed down one side of each of the products. Both products have a pink and silver theme to them which just looks so gorgeous. I think I might have just wanted these 75% because of the packaging!

For my birthday my Mum got me the Dior Lip Maximizer and I have used it so much, I have just over half left and I know I need to get a back up soon! This is a plumping lip gloss but it doesn't make my lips look huge. It plumps out all of the lines on my lips to make them look fuller and smooths them out. It is such a lovely lipgloss, it doesn't give my lips much colour but it leaves them looking so glossy and it lasts forever on the lips without being sticky which is why I love it so much! This lip plumper claims to make your lips stay larger as it has collagen in it. The scent of this lip gloss is gorgeous, it has a yummy vanilla mint which is one of my favourite scents. This lip gloss retails for £23.50

The second Dior lip product I have is the Lip Glow. This is the most luxurious lip balm I think I have ever owned and I am obsessed with it. I have wanted it for the longest time and whenever I hear Essie Button talking about it, it just made me want it more and more. The lip balm is super hydrating, whenever my lips are really dry this is what I go for instead of piling on lipstick and gloss. It gives my lips such a lovely colour, think your lips but better. This lip glow retails for £24



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