REVIEW: Fitbit Flex

For Christmas I got a Fitbit Flex from my Mum and have worn it pretty much everyday since. Although I am not the most active person but I am trying to be, even if I do hate actually moving. Since getting my Fitbit I have found myself trying to get my step count up so it has been really helping and I have loved using it!
Fitbit Flex Review
Fitbit Flex Review
Fitbit Flex Review
Fitbit Flex Review
In the box you get everything you need for your Fitbit Flex. The only extra things you might need is different colours straps but I will get into those later. You get your flex tracker, two wristbands (one small one large in your selected colour), wireless sync dongle, charging cable. Along with all of that you get free membership to the online dashboard and access to the iPhone and Android apps to track your progress. I always leave my wireless sync dongle and charging cable in the back of my iMac so its always on hand and syncs my progress whenever I am on my iMac. There is 10 colours to choose from, I went for classic black but I do have multiple other colours so I can switch it up. The Fitbit Flex is water resistant so you don't even have to start it off to shower or worry if you are caught in the rain. 

The Fitbit Flex tracks your steps, sleep, active minutes and how far you have walked/ran which can all be seen within the app or the online dashboard. The flex does have light indictors on it which when tapped will show your percentage towards your goal. I have my daily goal at 10,000 steps so every 2,000 steps a light will come on. What I love about it is when I reach my goal for the day it will vibrate to let me know! To track your sleep you have to quickly tap your flex and it will go into sleep mode. I love sleep mode, it lets you know how many minutes you were awake and moved around. If you do use sleep mode you can set an alarm which will silently wake you with vibrations. The first couple of times I used the alarm setting it did give me a little heart attack I must admit! 

The app is one of the best things that comes with the Fitbit Flex. Not only can you access your steps, exercise and sleep etc. You can use it to track how much water you drink each day and your weight goals. To sync your Flex to the app all you have to do is have your bluetooth on - very simple! Also within the app, you can challenge friends and start your own challenges and getting badges. One of the cooler badges I have collected since having my fitbit was the London Underground Badge for walking the total length of the underground - 250 miles!! 

I have my email notifications on always as it will send you alerts when you need to charge your fitbit and gives you weekly reports on how you did. The battery life is pretty good considering you can use it pretty much 24/7. When I use it all day and then in sleep mode I get 4-5 days out of a single charge. Recently I have been using it just to track my steps and find I only need it charge it once a week, sometimes more. 

I have found since having my Fitbit that I do walk more, even if its just around the house to hit my step goal, I feel a bit disappointed I don't hit it. The only issue I have had with it since I got it is that the wristband actually snapped but I got in touch with them via email and they couldn't have been more helpful! They arranged a replacement to be sent out in my selected size and colour free of charge! I do have around 5 colour options for my flex because they do get a bit dirty after a while. You can purchase them individually or in preselected packs. 

The Fitbit Flex retails for £79.99 but it is on offer quite a bit if you do your research before purchasing. 



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