REVIEW: Yankee Candle Beach Holiday Tart

As soon as I heard about the new Yankee Candle collection, Life's a Beach, I knew I had to get my hands on them as soon as possible. The first one I picked up was the Beach Holiday tart and I pretty much popped it straight in my warmer as soon as it came through my letter box and it has become a fast favourite scent of mine and I know I am going to need to stock up on this scent as I believe it is limited edition!
Yankee Candle Beach Holiday Tart Review
This gorgeous blue tart is described as smelling like the clean freshness of ocean air, so much so you could almost feel the salt spray. I love the scent of this tart, it is a gorgeous clean fresh scent that has a slight element of clean cotton to it which is one of my all time favourite Yankee Candle scents. The scent really does remind of the seaside mixed with fresh air which I can see myself getting obsessed with so I need to stock up as Beach Holiday is limited edition! Each wax tart aims to provide you with eight wonderful hours of fragrance once popped into your warmer with an unscented tea light. 

This wax tart has the most incredible scent kick off, if you have tried Salted Caramel you will know how strong that kicks off and Beach Holiday honestly gives it a run for its money! You are going to get much more than your eight hours of fragrance with this one. Because the scent kick off is so strong, I only put my warmer on for around 20 minutes at a time because the space I have my warmer in is smaller so if I left it on for any longer it would be too over powering. I have used this tart already around five times and it is still so strong each time which I am very impressed with! This tart would be perfect to use in larger rooms, like an open living room or kitchen as it would fill it beautifully! Even after I turn my warmer off the scent lingers for an hour or so which I didn't think I would get from this tart. I am so impressed with this scent and I can't recommend it enough! 

Beach Holiday is available in a range of jar sizes, wax tart and tea light form. Prices start at £1.49. 



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