St Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse

A month or so ago I started using fake tan for the first time after I won some goodies from St Moriz in a Tesco at Beauty Chat and I have never looked back. I have since started trying out different brands and the one that always comes out on top is St Moriz. I was so excited to try out the new Fast Self Tanning Mousse* and applied it pretty such as soon as it was delivered!
St Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse Review
St Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse Before and After
St Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse Before and After
This is a new product from St Moriz and it is still a mousse formula that I love but it now has shade control and is faster drying. I really like that you can control what shade you get, for the results above I left it on for the full three hours before rinsing off. You can leave this tan on for one hour for a light glow, two hours of a medium shade and three hours for a deep tan. I really like that this a fast drying formula too because I don't have to worry about waiting for hours to get fully dressed while it develops and I don't have any mishaps! 

Application was super easy, I used the St Moriz Tanning Mitt which I would highly recommend because you don't want to get orange palms. I applied the mousse in circular motions to my legs, arms, chest and the top of my back as that is the only part of my body which is seen and I still haven't found a way to get all of my back yet! When you apply the product to your elbows and knees I would suggest applying it to both bent as that way you are going to get an even application and since I have been doing that each time it has always been even. What I noticed as soon as I started to apply it to my arms was the scent, it smells delicious, which I really wasn't expecting. Scent aside application was very fool proof and I got a good even coverage. 

While I sat with it on to develop for three hours, I just watched a movie and some Youtube and as soon as the three hours was up I headed to the shower to rinse it off. It is recommended that you avoid using any shower gel, soaps or shampoo when you wash it off so I only used warm water. I was actually surprised when my water started to turn a brown colour and thought it was going to rinse off all of the colour but that wasn't the case at all. It took around five minutes of rinsing before the water went clear again and my skin was left with a gorgeous deep glow. I would say the colour lasted for around five days, with moisturising when I actually remembered, which I thought was quite good! 

The St Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse retails for £5.99 at Boots


*PR Sample


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