The Worst Tan? // Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan

After hearing nothing but rave reviews about this tan, I thought I would finally pick it up when I saw it was finally on the shelves in my local Tesco. I was so excited to give it a try that I pretty much put it on as soon as I got home from buying it and I was nothing but disappointed with it, I honestly do not understand why everybody loves it so much because there isn't one thing I even like about it! I never normally do negative reviews but I had to share my opinions on this one because of seeing nothing but good reviews on it! 
Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan Review
Lets start with the application. I hated it but thought it might be worth it in the end if I am left with a gorgeous colour. I really didn't like the texture of this tan, it was more of a foam which I found quite difficult to apply because even after I stopped putting the tan onto the mitt it carried on coming out and I honestly had no idea how much to use, I would have preferred a pump. The colour of the foam was almost nonexistent, the colour was so light I couldn't even tell where I had applied it which resulted in missing parts which is the worst when it comes to fake tan. 

For a fake tan that claimed to have 'no fake tan smell' it sure as hell does. During application, there was no fake tan scent, it applied with a very floral scent but as soon as it was left on to develop, the fake tan, biscuit scent begun to linger. I don't think I have ever smelt so bad from a fake tan before and it was so strong too. I don't think it would have bothered me so much if it didn't claim to have that fake tan scent when it clearly does. 

Scent and application aside, I was still hoping for a gorgeous colour. Nope, didn't get that! I left it on for almost two hours before I had had enough of it. It felt my skin looking patchy and with a slight green tint to it which I was so annoyed with. Family members actually told me I looked extremely dirty which put me off this fake tan all together. After around two hours of letting it develop I had to rinse it off without using any shampoo, soap or shower gel as recommended and it rinsed off almost all of the colour which I was pretty happy about because I didn't want to look green or dirty! I had wasted two hours of my evening trying to get a gorgeous tan but all I got was a stinky fake tan, terrible application and no colour. Another thing I need to mention is that, after I rinsed off the tan, it actually stained my towel which I have never had with any other fake tan I have used. 

I truly don't understand why everybody seems to love it so much as it is possibly one of the worst beauty products I have ever tried and I am so annoyed I wasted £7.99 on this. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Please let me know. 



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