6 TV Shows To Watch

I didn't realise until recently how much TV I actually watch because I don't actually watch it on a TV. Some of the TV shows I have been watching are some of my favourites and I just had to share them with you all. A couple of them I know everybody loves but there is a few that I am a massive fan of that I haven't found anyone that actually watches it so I am here to share the TV show love and hope some of you get as obsessed with these shows as I am. 
Not my images, all are promotional posters for the individual shows. 

The Royals is a brand new shows on E! Entertainment and it is their first scripted show. The show is described as being Gossip Girl meets the Royal family and it is brilliant. It is obviously isn't based on the Royal family but is has quickly become one of my favourites shows. I have finished the first season and every episode is full of drama. It is that good that it is already confirmed for season two which will air towards the end of 2015 I believe. This show is full of drama and scandal and I love Eleanor and Jasper and of course Liam and Ophelia. If you loved programmes like Gossip Girl you'll love this, I prefer it over Gossip Girl! 

Next up is Pretty Little Liars. Now I am sure most of you are already watching this but if you not you need to ASAP. Pretty Little Liars is based around four girls who's friend went missing and start to receive threats of -A. The first two seasons aren't the best but once you get past that it is an incredible now. Season 6 has just begun on Netflix and while watching the first episode of this season I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack because it was just so dark. I get scared pretty easily and this doesn't actually scare me, it just makes me jump a little bit! 

Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is one of my favourite shows if not my favourite and I am so happy that it has been renewed for a third season. If you love the Marvel movies your going to be a fan of this. It is based around Phil Coulson (yes he did 'die' in the first Avengers movie but not really) and his team of agents. The second season did take an 'inhuman' turn but I did really enjoy it. There is some incredible action full episodes, it honestly looks like movie scenes. There has been a couple of cross over episodes which link into the films as they are released and there has been a couple of special guests, like Nick Fury. If you haven't watched this already go and binge watch the first two seasons before season three starts at the end of the year! 

The next two shows are some of the funniest TV shows I watch. The first one is New Girl. This show does have that Friends type vibe to it but I actually find it funnier. It is based around three guys who live in an apartment and Jess moves in and shakes up the house. There is many romances and bromances and some truly hilarious scenes involving Whinston and a cat. If you watch this show you'll understand how much I want Schmit and CeCe to be together forever. There is four seasons of New Girl ready for you to binge watch and season 5 will be starting early next year I believe. 

Jane the Virgin is a new show that I have been watching and having just finished watching the first season I want everyone and their dog to go and watch this show. Jane the Virgin is set in Miami when Jane gets accidentally artificially inseminated with the playboy, cancer survivor Rafael - who is gorgeous by the way. This show not only has a good element of drama to it, and the occasional murder but it is one of the only TV shows that actually makes me laugh out loud. Its loosely based on a telenovela and the second season will be released towards the end of 2015. This show is a must watch!

And I saved the best for last, Orange Is the New Black. With season 3 dropping tomorrow on Netflix if you don't hear from me on social media or a couple of days you know why. OITNB is a TV show based on true events when Piper Chapman ends up prison for a crime she committed 10 years ago. I have been rewatching season one and two in preparation for tomorrow and it is still as funny as the first time I watched it. Alex Vause is one of my favourite characters and I am glad she's back in main cast for season 3. If you don't already have Netflix, this show is worth the monthly fee alone. 



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