High End Favourites #1

For years I have only really purchased beauty products from the high street. And while there is some amazing products on the high street, I have found some products that are worth splashing the cash on and I would even go as far as repurchasing them. I really hate spending money so to find products that are a little more expensive that I would actually repurchase must mean they are incredible.
High End Favourites #1

My first favourite at the moment is from Estēe Lauder and it is the Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Cream. Not only is the packaging so gorgeous, I do love a bit of rose gold, the BB Cream itself is fabulous. It has a great coverage, I can get away without wearing concealer on a good day and it lasts all day. I wore this a couple of Saturdays ago and I applied it at 8am and at midnight it was still going strong. It doesn't cake on the skin or melt off when I get hot either. While this is pretty expensive at £29 it is good stuff and I have been really enjoying it for warmer days.

Another base product which is a massive favourite is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. When I firsted purchased this I didn't think it was as good as some of the high street concealers I had but when I switched my concealer, I realised how good it really is. It is amazing at covering my dark circles and blemishes. If I could only use one concealer for the rest of my life, it would be this. I really do think it is worth the £22 price tag and I totally understand why everybody loves it.

Lip products are some of my favourites from the high end market. I almost always have a lip balm on my lips and while it can be a little bit of a waste to spend a lot of money on a lip balm, when you find a good one you've hit the gold. My first lip balm favourite is the Benefit Lollibalm. I picked this up last summer for free with my Boots points and I have almost run out. It gives a lovely light purple/pinkish tint to the lips while making them so glossy and keeping them hydrated. This lip balm smells amazing too and I will be repurchasing another one as soon as I run out. The next lip balm favourite is the Dior Lip Glow. I have wanted this lip balm for years after seeing it in a couple of Essie Buttons videos. Not only is the packaging so luxurious but it is such an amazing product. It always gives my lips such a pretty pink shade while keeping them hydrated. This one is a little bit thicker so it does last longer on the lips. If I want a colour on my lips but they are dry, this is always what I go for. 

My final high end favourite at the moment is the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette. While I don't actually use four of the shades very often, I do use this palette on a daily basis. I always use Skimp which is a gorgeous highlight shade and Undone for my lower lash line to deepen up my eye look. This palette is the perfect size for travel and I think this is all the eyeshadows I really could need in a palette because I don't actually wear eyeshadow all that often. 



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