Apple Watch Sport Review

I am a massive fan of tech, in particular Apple products. Ever since I was about 13 I have had what I could call a slight obsession. I have had so many different iPods, iPhones and iPads. For my birthday this year I got an iMac and it had changed the way I blog and I love it. I will admit that one of the main reasons I wanted to get an Apple Watch was because I would then have a complete set - its an addiction.
Apple Watch Sport Review
After taking a few days to decide which type of Apple Watch and colour option I wanted. I picked the Apple Watch Sport 38mm in Pink. The picture is making it look a lot brighter than what it actually is, it is more of a salmon pink but I do really like it. There was a back order on pretty much all of the watches and I believe there still is a slight delay when you order. When I purchased mine it says it was going to take 3-5 weeks but it actually only took a week from the date that I placed my order to the day it arrived so keep it mind if you do order it is likely to come early.

In the box you have the watch itself, your selected colour wristband and size options. You get both S/M and M/L, I wear the smaller of the two. You get a charging cable and plug as well as some documentation about the Apple Watch. The plug that it comes with is extremely travel friendly and is different to the standard ones that come with the iPhone or iPad.

The watch itself it pretty small and compact. I expected it to stand more off of the wrist than it actually does. One thing I didn't actually realise when purchasing the Apple Watch is that you actually have to have an iPhone to be able to set up and use the watch. Once the watch turns on you pair it with your iPhone and you are ready to go. Once it is all set up you can justify your watch face, selecting different faces and changing the colours. You can also download a number of different apps from your iPhone which will then sync with your Apple Watch. If you want to go for a run without having to take your iPhone with you, you can sync a playlist up to 1gb for music on the go. The Apple Watch does actually have 6gb of storage which I thought was pretty amazing - for a watch. 

A couple of the things I have been enjoying using so far is the apps. Twitter and Instagram is quite nice to have on your watch, you can even reply, favourite and retweet tweets right from the Apple Watch. One of the main functions which I think is amazing to have on this watch is the Text and Call options. Us girls tend to have pretty much everything in our handbags and it can make it difficult to find your phone. But with the Apple Watch you can answer your calls, place calls and reply and send text messages. Within the text option, it gives you some basic replies and you can use Siri to send longer messages. Recently I have been trying to get into fitness a little bit more and the Activity and Heart Rate functions have been getting used on a daily basis. Within the Activity app you can see how many steps you have done, how many miles you have walked and how many calories you have burnt and how many minutes of exercise you have done each day. As well as how many hours you have stood each day. If you haven't been sitting for over an hour it will give you a notification to stand up and move around for at least one minute. 

I was a little bit worried about the battery life as it does need to be charged daily. To charge it is extremely easy, all you have to do it pop it onto the little magnetic disk that comes in the box and it will start charging. When the watch goes down to 10% battery life it goes into power reserve mode and it will prolong the battery life as it just goes into basic watch mode.I haven't actually had my watch go down that low yet and because I turn it off every night I find I can get two days wear out of one charge. The Apple Watch isn't 'waterproof' however they are water resistant so they can be worn during rain or workouts. There have been a couple of people have actually dropped it into watch and it is completely fine, however this isn't recommended. 

Is the Apple Watch something you actually need? No it isn't but if you are in the market for a new watch and like tech it is great to have. If you view it as a watch with just some extras you would be disappointed. 

The Apple Watch Sport 38mm retails for £299. 



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