REVIEW: Yankee Candle Sun & Sand Tart

I have been loving my summer themed Yankee Candle tarts recently and when I heard about Sun & Sand I knew instantly I wanted to give it a try. My favourite types of candles are the fresh and fruity ones and this one sounded right up my street. Living it he middle of Essex means I don't get a lot of Sand so having a candle that will remind me of the beach sounds perfect. 
REVIEW: Yankee Candle Sun & Sand Tart

Sun & Sand is described as being scented like a tropical beach breeze with lemony citrus, fresh lavender, sweet orange flower and powdery musk. All of those things together sound like my perfect summer fragrance. This tart is one of the lighter smelling ones I have in my collection which I do like as sometimes I like to switch it up and not go for much intense fragrances. Each of these little jar shaped tarts aims to provide you with 8 hours of fragrance burn time. 

This tart doesn't have the best scent kick off. It is one of those scents that you would have burning in your bedroom and you would leave for a while and come back and your room would have a gorgeous fresh scent to it. I was expecting the kick off to be a little stronger but I wasn't totally disappointed. I don't know how to describe the scent when it is burning, other than it has a freshness to it with a small element of fruitiness to it. 

I did just about get my eight hours of burn time out of this little tart. But towards the last few hours it did get even lighter which did make it difficult to smell when actually in the room with it. If you was to get this tart I would recommend using it in a smaller space as you would then be able to actually smell it more. I am not sure if I would actually repurchase this one but that is only because I have other tarts that I prefer to this one. 

Yankee Candle Sun & Sand retails for £1.25 and is available here



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