Pür Minerals Green Correcting Primer

Many months ago while in Marks and Spencer I tested out the Pür Minerals Green Correcting Primer and was amazed at how well it worked on the back of my hand. I finally picked it up at the beginning of the month and I haven't looked back, I am seriously regretting not picking it up sooner because it is doing exactly what I have been looking for in a product and I don't think I am ever going to be able to be without it.
Pür Minerals Green Correcting Primer

I must say, I was a little scared to use this all over my face at first because it is green and I didn't want to look like the hulk. However I shouldn't have been worried because no matter how much I apply it always ends up perfectly applied and with no hints of green shown. Because it is a pastel green colour it is going to counteract any redness and help brighten the skin leaving you with a smoothed out canvas to apply your foundation and concealer while being redness free. The primer doesn't have that silicone feel, like say the Maybelline Baby Skin does, it just feels very soft and smooth when applying and once on the skin. 
To apply the primer I take a small amount, a little over a pea size, and blend it out all over my face, paying extra attention to any areas where I have a lot of redness, like my chin and around my nose and the tops of my cheeks. I have always had quite a bit of redness which no amount of foundation could cover up and this has been doing the job amazingly. Each time I use this my skin is left looking neutral and because I am so pale my cheeks in particular look almost white which I haven't had in years. Each morning I apply this before my foundation at around 6am and my skin still looks redness free at 6pm which is amazing for my skin. My foundation has been lasting so much longer when I wear this primer too which is great for the current weather because otherwise it melts off within 15 minutes of being outside. I always used to wear tonnes of concealer to try and cover my redness but when I use this I don't really even have to wear concealer which has never happened before! 

I highly recommend this primer if you suffer from quite a bit of redness because it has worked wonders for my skin and I know I will be repurchasing this primer over and over again. It is a little expensive at £22.50 a tube however I managed to get it of around £15 because it was on offer on Feel Unique and then I had a discount code so keep an eye out if you are wanting to give it a try! 

The Pür Minerals Green Correcting Primer retails for £22.50 at Marks and Spencer, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic along with many other retailers - link. This primer is also Gluten and Paraben free and is also Vegan friendly. 



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