Bronze Ambition Tanning Mousse & Wash Off Tan

I have been on such a massive tanning kick recently and I just can't stop until I have tried every tan on the market. I am all for saving a bit of money and if I can find a great tan for less than a £5er I am all for it! I have very pale skin, especially on my legs and I have been looking for a tan that is going to give me a healthy glow so I don't reflect the sun off my legs and blind everyone in the Summer and I think I have found it.
Bronze Ambition Tanning Mousse & Wash Off Tan

All three of these different tanning products are in the shade medium which where are all my pale girls at? This shade is the perfect shade for very pale skin as it isn't going to make you looked super 'faked tan', it is just going to give you a gorgeous healthy glow. In this range there is four products and I have three of them, the other is an oil free moisturiser. We have a tanning mousse and also two wash off instant tans, one with a matte finish and the other with a shimmer finish. All three of these self tanning products have the best scent out of any self tanning product I have ever used! It smells like coconuts/Piña Coladas and doesn't have slightly biscuit smell to it when after you rinse it off which honestly makes me only want to use this tan for the rest of my life. 

The Bronze Ambition Bronze Me Mousse* is incredibly easy to apply. I suck at applying tan, I always miss patches or end up with streaks but none of that happened with this tan. What I love about the application is that it doesn't dry instantly so it gives you time to blend it in while taking your time so you don't miss any bits. The colour of this is gorgeous, it applies very golden looking and adds the perfect amount of colour to my legs to make them look healthy. This is a tan that you have to rinse off after around 3/4 hours to let it develop but I leave it on overnight and it doesn't transfer onto my bedsheets. I manage to get about 3-4 days wear out of one application before I need to top it up again, I think that is pretty good as this tan costs just £2.99! 

The Bronze Ambition Instant Wash Off Tan in Matte* and Shimmer* are perfect to pop on before an evening out or at the start of your holiday. If I have forgot to tan but want to get my legs out that day I just pop some of this on before I head out of the door and I am good to go. Both of these wash off tans have a gorgeous healthy colour to them which is perfect for my milk bottle legs. I do really like the matte version as it looks more natural on the skin but what I love to do is add a little of the shimmer one to my legs, applying it down the middle to give a little glow while I am in the sun. Are you ready for the best bit? These wash off tans are just £1 each - bargain! 

The Bronze Ambition range is available at Poundland, Home Bargains, Bodycare and Savers nationwide with prices ranging from £1 to just £2.99.


*PR Sample


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