Witch Skincare

Witch is a brand that I have always seen on the shelves since my early teens and have used a couple of their products throughout the years. Recently my skin has been acting up and I have been struggling to keep it under control so these three products couldn't have come at a better time! I have been testing them out for the past couple of weeks and I think I might have found a couple of favourites already.
Witch Skincare
Witch Skincare
I have never really been a big fan of face wipes I must admit but with these Witch Cleansing & Toning Wipes* I have really been enjoying using them. While face wipes won't actually cleanse your skin they are great at removing your makeup in one quick step. These are the only wipes I have ever used that can actually remove all of the layers of mascara I use without hurting the skin. I like to use these wipes in the morning after a shower to refreshen up the skin and they leave my skin feeling tightened, not in the uncomfortable way, and ready for make up. Since I have been using these I have noticed that most of my spots have disappeared and I haven't had any new ones surface, I call that a success!

The Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel* might be one of the coolest skincare products I have ever used. You apply this with dry hands to a dry face to your forehead, chin, nose and neck and massage for about a minute until the dead skin cells start to come off. I thought the texture of this was going to be like an exfoliator but it is actually very smooth. I love using this product because I can actually see it working as I massage it into the skin. It is very strange but in a good way because you see the dead skin cells start to ball up from the skin which then reveals such smooth and brighter skin! Really love this product and I wish I had used this earlier because it works wonders on my chin which is where most of my blackheads are. 

And finally is my favourite product of the three, the Witch Concealer in Natural*. I am very picky with my concealers as I find a lot of them don't last throughout the day on my skin and just don't give me the full coverage I am looking for. However, this concealer may have become one of my favourites for covering blemishes and redness. I wasn't expecting this concealer to be as creamy as it is and even once it is blended out, it gives such good coverage and my blemishes cannot be seen! Once applied in the morning it doesn't even need touching up throughout the day and doesn't cake up either. Such a fab product and I really wasn't expecting to love this as much as I do! You get so much for price too so it is definitely going to last me a while! 

The Cleansing & Toning Wipes retail for £2.99, the Blackhead Clearing Gel retails for £4.99 and the Concealer retails for £4.29. All three products are available at Superdrug along with many other retailers, I have spotted these products in my local Tesco too! 


*PR Sample


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