Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette

I must admit when it comes to eyeshadow, most days I tend to skip it because I am just not that great at applying it. However I purchased this Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette a couple of months ago and have only got round to using it recently and I have been really enjoying the shades. I do have the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette and I find myself reaching for this palette a whole lot more!
Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette
Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette Swatches
Swatched from lightest to darkest: White Chocolate, Buttercream, Biscuit, Chocolate Mix, Brown Sugar, Espresso 

This palette is a neutral lovers dream. All of the shadows in this palette I would describe to have a satin finish, they aren't matte but they aren't completely metallic or shimmery. The palette comes complete with six shadows, all of which have names which I really like as with many inexpensive palettes they don't name their shades! The packaging is is completely cardboard but you cannot complain about the quality of the packaging when this palette is so inexpensive. 

All of the shadows have very good pigmentation when swatched and applied on the eyes. I really love all of the shades in this palette which is rare for me because I normally only like a shade or two. I love White Chocolate for days when I don't want to go all out on an eye look but this shade just really helps brighten up my eyes. If I am going to spend the time and do an actual eye look I use White chocolate as a highlight, Biscuit on the lid with Chocolate Mix in the crease, Brown Sugar in the outter corner and then I take Espresso along my lower lash line. 

All of the shades are hold up well once applied to the lid. Even without primer they don't move around, fade too much or crease on me. I believe there is three different versions of this palette, I do actually own another one, so if this colour option isn't for you I would recommend checking out the other two. 

The Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette retails for £3.99 (what a bargain) but is currently on offer at Boots for just £2.99 - link



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